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DMBC is a 3-week intensive digital media certificate program intended to give students and industry professionals the necessary skill-sets to be competent designers and developers of digital media.


The ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado at Boulder

When (Previously)

Maymester Summer Session
9AM–12PM and 1PM–4PM

Digital Media Bootcamp 2017 & Beyond

The world is digital, and people with a digital media skill-set are in high-demand. Digital Media Bootcamp is an intensive three-week introduction to digital media production that is designed to impart practical technological skills to people from any industry or discipline. DMBC will teach you how to use industry standard technologies and applications, but will also show you how to use these tools in order to successfully communicate your ideas.

Many times, your career will demand of you to have an ever expanding knowledge of digital media. After the Digital Media Bootcamp experience, you will not only have the basic skills necessary to perform a wide range of tasks (build and deploy a website from scratch, create a multimedia presentation, create a demo video for a new product, etc.) you will also have the confidence to build on the DMBC foundation. DMBC starts from square 1—no digital media experience is required. This is not about theory or philosophy, but about practical tools and skills being used in today’s digital industries.

*We will also have Bootcamp Assistants in the lab after class from 4:00PM–6:00PM to help students who wish to work on projects after class.

Digital Media Boot Camp (DMBC), offered by the ATLAS Institute on the CU Boulder Campus, is a popular three-week intensive digital media certificate program that provides real-world skill-sets to help you be competitive, productive and versatile in today’s marketplace. Offered during Maymester, DMBC offers an focused introduction to digital media production that is designed to impart a broad range of practical digital media and technological skills to people from any field or discipline. These all-day intensive classes are offered in one of ATLAS’ teaching labs and feature a small, hands-on and collaborative learning environment. Students will learn to use industry standard technologies, applications, and creative tools to successfully communicate and present their ideas.



DMBC starts from square 1– with no previous digital media skill required. The curriculum includes daily exercises, large projects, and weekly skill assessments. Each student will be given a handbook that comes complete not only with lecture notes, but also supplemental handouts, cheat sheets, and tips that have been produced by our Program’s faculty. The Digital Media Bootcamp Certificate will be given to students who attend and participate in a minimum of 80% of classes (no more than three absences) and who complete 80% of all assigned projects.


Through our combined experience of teaching digital media for over a decade, we have found that one of the best ways to learn is through guided exploration, which is why we have scheduled plenty of time for you to work on your projects, and explore technology, with the Instructors and Bootcamp Assistants on-hand to answer any questions you may have.

For Maymester 2016, David Schaal and Ian Hales will lead the Digital Media Bootcamp. Both are highly skilled in all things digital and are full-time faculty for ATLAS at the University of Colorado. Additionally, there will also be Bootcamp Assistants who will be able to answer your questions throughout the camp. A Bootcamp Assistants will also be available after the camp from 4:00PM–6:00PM to help students who wish to stay and work on homework and projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will DMBC benefit my future?

A skill set in digital media is critical and universal across all industries; DMBC helps provide confidence in knowing and understanding how to work within digitial media, and will also impart students with the confidence to learn new skills on their own.

Who can enroll?

Anyone can register for Digital Media Bootcamp, however, current and recently graduated students can register at a discounted rate.

When does DMBC take place?

Digital Media Bootcamp takes place during the Maymester semester from 9AM–4PM daily. There is a one-hour lunch break.

What are the registration fees for DMBC?

Current students (or those who have recently graduated) = $2,500 / Industry Professionals = $3,000

Is there a deposit required?

Yes, a $500 non-refundable deposit is due in order to secure your seat in the class (Hurry, space is limited!).

Can I earn University credit for DMBC?

No, DMBC is not offered for credit. Participants graduate from the program with a Digital Media Bootcamp Certificate from the ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Can I skip any classes? What is the attendance policy?

In order to graduate with a DMBC certificate, students cannot miss more than three days.

Can I use financial aid to pay for DMBC?

No, traditional financial aid is not available as DMBC is a non-credit program. Alternative loans may be available to eligible students for the exact amount of the program (living expenses and additional costs not included). Call 303.492.8252 to schedule an appointment with a Continuing Education financial aid advisor.

What is the typical class size?

The maximum class size is 22 students. This size is large enough to promote diverse opinions and discussions, but small enough to allow individual attention from instructors and staff.

Are there exams, homework, grades, etc?

There is homework, but no formal exams or tests are given. However, some instructors may give quizzes to help students assess individual progress and retention of material.

Will I need to buy textbooks or other materials

No, all course materials are included in the registration fee.

Do I need a laptop or special software for DMBC?

No, a laptop computer is not needed during class time as we will meet in a computer lab (ATLS113) equipped with all the necessary software.

Do students need to know anything about computers before enrolling?

DMBC starts with the basics, but a familiarity with computing (e-mail, saving files, word processing) is recommended.

Is there a dress code?

Nope. Dress comfortably. (Combat boots are optional)


Note: This is a tentative calendar. Specific topics and days may be changed.

AM: Intro | Stop Motion Icebreaker
PM: File Management & Web Server | HTML5 Intro
AM: Photoshop Part I

PM: HTML5 Structure and Semantics
AM: Photoshop Part II

PM: CSS Design
AM: Web Layout | Layout Comps | Web Fonts

AM: SEO | Analytics | Animated Gifs | Domain Names & Hosting

PM: Web Development
AM: Photoshop Continued

PM: Responsive Design
AM: After Effects Part I
PM: Responsive Media
AM: After Effects II
PM: Front-end Developer Tools: Bash
AM: JavaScript

PM: Git & Github
AM: Illustrator
PM: Sass
AM: CSS Animation
PM: Sound Production
AM: JQuery
PM: Sound & Picture
AM: Work Session
PM: Work Session
AM: Final Presentations
PM: Final Presentations
Memorial Day:
No Bootcamp


“DMBC equipped me leading industry knowledge of digital media which has become the standard within the job market today. Before the class I used AOL. Now I am designing web sites. DMBC gave me the tools needed to compete in todays digital media industry.”

“In three weeks, DMBC opens up the world of modern technology and equips you with the basic skills to become your own designer.”

“Going in with zero knowledge of all the software that intimidated me, I now feel that I could create a new website, a funny Photoshop picture, or a more professional Keynote presentation. Thanks to DMBC, I can tell people that 'Yes, I can put a dinosaur eating a person on your website. You want music for it, too? Okay, I'll get that done right away for you!”

“DMBC really was a boot camp, but I learned so much!”

“Lots of knowledge in not-a-lot of time, I loved it.”

“I definitely know this will help me out with my future career path, whatever that may be!”


The tuition for this three-week intensive seminar is $2,500 for University of Colorado students (and recent graduates) and $3,000 for industry professionals. The cost includes instruction, lab access, and all course materials (and some cool DMBC schwag). Registration is based on a 22-person class size and is on a first-come basis.